• Improve basal metabolism
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Firm core muscles
  • Increase body coordination
  • Improve muscle endurance

All-around resistance training


Strength ⭐⭐ 👊Pair with dumbbells or kettlebells (you can also use kettles, buckets, cloth... and other equipment instead, depending on the teacher's needs during class) 👊Cardiorespiratory and endurance are significantly improved 👊Suitable for everyone whose goal is to sculpt the body and strengthen cardiopulmonary function. 👊Draw sculpture lines / Strengthen body muscle strength / Improve body and joint flexibility Training purpose: It can increase our muscle strength, increase our fat extraction volume, and help burn fat and reduce fat formation. The meaning and purpose of resistance training are the same as weight training, except that "resistance" is used instead of "weight", and the setting is more comprehensive. Course training content: Stimulates centripetal, centrifugal, and isometric anatomical methods Integrate a variety of training methods to increase strength, endurance and power
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嗨!大家好!我是阿杰教練! 開啟學員的運動細胞是我每天的樂趣所在。 本身師大體育系畢業,熱愛運動。健身房舉鐵之餘,也喜歡登山、跑步、參加斯巴達障礙賽之類的活動,讓身體變成“好看又好用”。 期待在此平台與大家一起努力! 歡迎大家追蹤我的YT頻道:阿杰運動人生 信念:「運動是我的信仰」 願景:「助人愛上運動,也愛上運動的自己。」 ■課程內容: 1.強化肌力特訓 2.HIIT燃燒間歇訓練 ■直播時間: 每週四 19:30~20:30 每週六: 17:00~18:00