• release stress
  • Efficient fat burning
  • Improve blood circulation function
  • Improve breathing function

Efficient fat burning flywheel


Strength ⭐⭐ 🚴‍♂️Medium to low intensity 🚴‍♂️Suitable for all experienced/inexperienced people to participate 🚴‍♂️Efficient fat burning The flywheel is designed to imitate the riding design of a road bicycle. A heavy flywheel is used to generate resistance when pedaling, just like pedaling a road bicycle to simulate uphill and downhill training. The reason why flywheel exercise has the effect of burning fat and losing weight is because it is a kind of intermittent aerobic exercise that can help us increase lung capacity and strengthen heart function. It can transport a large amount of oxygen to the body through breathing and blood circulation during exercise. In tissue cells, it can achieve the effect of burning energy and is an interesting course suitable for all groups of people. ⚠️Notes: ✦This course is only open for physical reservations, not live classes ✦Please do what you can according to your own situation. If you have any discomfort during the process, please report it to the coach. ✦Please wear suitable sportswear and clean sneakers to enter the classroom ✦Please stay happy during the course and enjoy the moment ✦Please return the rented smart sports bracelet before leaving the venue ✦Please use equipment correctly and in accordance with regulations to avoid danger and equipment damage (those who intentionally damage equipment will be liable for compensation)
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