• Breaking sweat
  • Enhance metabolism
  • relieve stress
  • fat burning
  • boxing

Strong Nation ⌚


Strength ⭐⭐ 👊Yoga mat 👊Suitable for beginners / like challenges / enjoy sweaty sports 👊Burning sweat to burn fat / Strengthen basal metabolism / Improve cardiopulmonary function STRONG Nation is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)! Integrate strong rhythm. Scientific evidence shows that music is the most important driving force when exercising. In the course, high-intensity exercises are arranged together with specific music and beats; the course will use your own body weight to Progressive resistance and loading, interval training, core and functional training challenge your muscles and heart and lungs. It is a lively and effective course that allows you to find explosive power, strength, speed, endurance and mobility, and let you challenge the limit , Make the movement more efficient.
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天枰寶寶 Sport is my life❤️ STRONG NATION BODY COMBAT TRX/CROSSCORE(懸吊) MAT(墊上核心) WT(重量訓練) FDI(團體指導員) KB(拳擊體適能) Boot camp(軍事訓練) 滾筒核心放鬆 ; OXIGENO活氧舒展 Fight