• Breaking sweat
  • Enhance metabolism
  • relieve stress
  • fat burning
  • boxing

Full Body Aerobic ⌚


Strength ⭐⭐ 👊Yoga mat 👊Suitable for beginners / like challenges / enjoy sweaty sports 👊Burning sweat to burn fat / Strengthen basal metabolism / Improve cardiopulmonary function All-round aerobics is an extended class based on dance and boxing. It combines boxing skills with physical fitness exercises to effectively increase muscle endurance and improve cardiopulmonary capacity. In addition to basic boxing, the course also integrates mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, and defense. Train with simple movement combinations that even beginners can easily follow!
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天枰寶寶 Sport is my life❤️ STRONG NATION BODY COMBAT TRX/CROSSCORE(懸吊) MAT(墊上核心) WT(重量訓練) FDI(團體指導員) KB(拳擊體適能) Boot camp(軍事訓練) 滾筒核心放鬆 ; OXIGENO活氧舒展 Fight