• build muscle
  • Strengthen the heart and lungs
  • challenge yourself



strength ⭐⭐⭐ 🌈 water bottle / dumbbell 🌈Suitable for everyone / like challenge / lose fat 🌈Firm body curve / increase muscle and reduce fat / increase cardiopulmonary function / improve metabolism TABATA interval training is a very popular exercise recently. This class can not only burn body fat, but is also extremely effective in exercising physical fitness. Through short-term, high-intensity exercise techniques, the body "even if it stops exercising, it will still think it is still exercising, so it will continue to burn calories" effect. Basically, it's an exercise that uses your own body weight, so no equipment is required. If you want to enhance the effect, you can also use a dumbbell or mineral water bottle that is suitable for you. 📝Course content: Bye bye butterfly sleeves Recreate the Mermaid Line Improve the buttocks curve Body firming skin rejuvenation
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瑜珈可以很放鬆很勇敢 瑜珈可以自我覺察自我實現 [串聯流動 週一晚8點 [Tabata心肺訓練] 週三晚7點 [哈達瑜伽] 週四午4:45 [療癒瑜珈] 週四晚9點 [瑜伽提斯] 週五早9點 [睡前放鬆伸展] 週五晚9點 解開身體的鎖, 好好認識自己和善待自己的身體。 最高級的投資是健康自律 最幸福的境界能健康的享受生活。