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Strength ⭐⭐ ✨Yoga mat or freehand ✨Suitable for students with exercise habits ✨Body Sculpture / Body Control / Whole Body Stretching and Relaxation Course content: Pilates focuses on core and muscle strength training, which can "strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles". We learn to relax and control muscles, and improve bad posture in daily life. For large muscles, start multiple times of training, through the method of nasal suction and mouth spit, to optimize the standard of control movements, and finally for small muscles, small-scale sculpture and stretching, to achieve a beautiful body effect!
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🌱嗨!我是kimi 我的教學方式喜歡愉快的氛圍來練習瑜伽~充滿笑聲的氛圍是我最愛的,你可以用任何的替代式來慢慢熟悉動作和指令! 如果你也喜歡有肌力和柔軟度的訓練 歡迎來和我一起將練習帶入生活 美化身形也有力量! 🌱專業證照 Yoga Taiwan RYT200 美國瑜伽聯盟師資認証 台灣火箭瑜珈100小時合格師資培訓 中華民國皮拉提斯運動協會皮拉提斯墊上一級 🌱課程時間 週一16:45 power yoga 週三12:30皮拉提斯 週三21:00舒緩瑜伽