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Getting Started with Body Sculpture


Strength ⭐ 👊Freehand training 👊Novices to sports / People who are prone to sports injuries / People who often fall and get injured / Need for physical improvement / Home training 👊Increase body stability and flexibility, improve posture, and sculpt muscle lines Course content: Divide the parts of the body into the front and back of the trunk, the upper and lower limbs, the buttocks, the head and neck, etc., do 1-2 movements for the training parts, repeat 2-3 groups, there will be a moderate rest time between the groups to relax the breathing and the body, and continue For the training of 3 parts, each class focuses on training 3-5 parts to achieve our course training goals. The intensity of the course is suitable for you who want to sculpt muscle lines but don't want to sweat too much. Use your own body weight and physical activities to train the muscles of each part of the body separately, laying the foundation for body control and flexibility, from bottom to top, from the inside Go outside, improve posture and improve sports performance
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Hello 我是林謙😊 我相信運動不存在失敗,我們只是走在名為「學習過程」的路上,只要持續向著你的目標,你所走的每一步,所付出的每一秒努力最終都將回饋到你身上💪 讓我們一起用最簡單、容易上手的動作,安全的達到最大的訓練效果,一起慢慢的成為心目中的自己❤️ 初階皮拉提斯。每週四。下午15:15-16:15 BodyCombat 。每週五。下午14:00-15:00 歡迎你的加入😊