• Slight sweating
  • relax
  • Improve the disease of civilization

Yoga Tis


Strength ⭐ 🌈Yoga Mat / Yoga Block 🌈Suitable for office workers / stress relief / emotional stability 🌈 Strengthen core / sculpt gas state / relax muscles / improve back pain Pilates: Focus on the core muscles, mainly for the lower back muscles, emphasizing the training of muscles and functions, to achieve a balance between flexibility and strength, while training muscle strength, it can make muscles firmer and more slender. Yoga: Focus on conscious breathing, through stretching, breathing and meditation to help the body and mind to become one, to bring greater flexibility to the body and promote relaxation, to achieve a state of harmony with nature. It's also great to practice the two together!
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瑜珈可以很放鬆很勇敢 瑜珈可以自我覺察自我實現 [串聯流動 週一晚8點 [Tabata心肺訓練] 週三晚7點 [哈達瑜伽] 週四午4:45 [療癒瑜珈] 週四晚9點 [瑜伽提斯] 週五早9點 [睡前放鬆伸展] 週五晚9點 解開身體的鎖, 好好認識自己和善待自己的身體。 最高級的投資是健康自律 最幸福的境界能健康的享受生活。