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Gentle Flow Yoga


Strength ⭐⭐ 🌈Yoga Mat / Yoga Brick 🌈Suitable for practitioners who can gradually feel the inner state of the body 🌈Feel the peace of body and mind/open inner awareness/explore body energy/enhancement of softness and strength Course content: Awaken the body lightly through the series of yoga postures, find the stability of the body between one breath and one breath, and feel the energy flow of focused breathing. Feel the peace of body and mind / open inner awareness / explore body energy / increase softness and strength July lesson plans: 1. Hip opening and flexibility -- hip and leg strength 2. Hip opening and flexibility--stretching of hips and legs 3. Flexible hip opening -- twisting 4. Hip open flexibility -- balance
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因為瑜伽而更懂得享受生活 因為瑜伽而喜愛分享 因為瑜伽而開始了解自己 因為瑜伽而學會尊重身體的美 讓我們 在瑜伽海洋裡一起練習專注 練習覺察 練習思考 練習平靜 練習放鬆 練習可愛 練習瑜伽 讓我們 不焦慮過去 不擔憂未來 用喜歡的速度自在穿梭 彼此交流 各自美麗 在每個瞬間 成為自己 成為魚