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Healing Yoga


Strength ⭐ 🌈Yoga Mat / Yoga Block 🌈Suitable for getting started with yoga / improving body coordination / relaxing exercise 🌈 Calm your mind / Know yourself / Improve back pain / Increase flexibility Healing yoga is a set of yoga that emphasizes safety, step-by-step practice, strengthening the body, and gradually restoring communication and control over the body. Through the course, the body, mind and breath can communicate with each other, make the emotions more calm and comfortable, improve the breathing function, and help relieve the pain and pressure of the mind and body. Respect everyone's body difference, and enter a series of gentle and stable yoga asanas, reduce the burden on the spine and knees, and tighten the strength of the core muscles and the flexibility and balance of the limbs. The ultimate goal is to gradually move towards ""breathing"" Stage experience of ""comfort"" and ""courage"".
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瑜珈可以很放鬆很勇敢 瑜珈可以自我覺察自我實現 [串聯流動 週一晚8點 [Tabata心肺訓練] 週三晚7點 [哈達瑜伽] 週四午4:45 [療癒瑜珈] 週四晚9點 [瑜伽提斯] 週五早9點 [睡前放鬆伸展] 週五晚9點 解開身體的鎖, 好好認識自己和善待自己的身體。 最高級的投資是健康自律 最幸福的境界能健康的享受生活。