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  • muscle strength
  • release stress
  • Improve cardiorespiratory capacity
  • Enhance explosi

Strong Nation


Strength ⭐⭐⭐ 👊 Yoga mat 👊Suitable for any ethnic group / need for muscle gain / home training space / like challenges 👊Sweat and burn fat / strengthen basal metabolism / improve cardiopulmonary function After warming up, let the body start the training mode. There will be freehand muscle training and impact training to improve cardiopulmonary function. Finally, core and body training will be completed on the yoga mat. A high-intensity interval cardio training session with rhythmic music. Improved cardiopulmonary function and improved body control Luke | Strong Nation the first week: In June, the second course, a new start, will also demonstrate and introduce some basic and common training movements for the students. the second week: Based on the intensity of the simple introduction, slowly let the students catch up and invite the students to share and give feedback. The third week: After two weeks of practice, the feeling of the body will slowly catch up, and I specially remind the students to control the breathing during the training process. the fourth week: "Witness the results after training" In the last week of each month, the class invites students to perform tasks together. You can take photos or record with your mobile phone and take a short shot with Luke during training in the classroom and tag Wondercise to share it on IG, FB, so that everyone can see that they are training together in Strong Nation the results.
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哈嚕大家好 我是Luke, 期待在線上與各位相遇! 每週二 下午 4:45-5:45 Strong Nation 體能訓練課程 每週五 下午 2:10-3:10 Zumba 舞蹈課程 ———————————————— Luke • Official Zumba Instructor, 2018 • Strong Nation Instructor, 2019 • AFAA Fitness Dance Instructor, 2019 • 美國瑜珈聯盟200hr 認證師資, 2020 • Inside Flow 內觀流瑜珈認證師資, 2021 • 台灣 Strong Nation課程推廣大使, 2022 • Adidas 簽約體適能教練, 2023 • 台灣 Zumba課程推廣大使, 2024