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Freehand Muscle Sculpture ⌚


Strength ⭐⭐⭐ 👊Mainly bare hands, you can prepare dumbbells or water bottles 👊Suitable for intermediate athletes 👊Enhance muscle endurance / averagely exercise the muscles of the whole body / increase the body's basal metabolism Course Outline: Prevent body aging and improve body beauty Create a full range of physical fitness and a body shape that is different from the past Course content: The whole body training will be aimed at accelerating metabolism in the body, consuming calories, helping to burn fat, tightening loose fat, sculpting body lines and maintaining a healthy posture. The training divides the whole body into upper limbs, core, and lower limbs. Select 3 to 5 training items for each part, and operate continuously in a non-interval manner. A total of 7 to 15 training items are used repeatedly to achieve the training goal. Expected results/harvests after the class: Improve muscle lines and improve the quality of daily life
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專長: 體態評估與動作調整 健康體適能提升訓練計劃 增肌與減脂運動計劃 肌筋膜放鬆及活動度提升 證照: AFAA美國運動體適能協會國際私人教練證照 AFAA美國運動體適能協會重量訓練教練證照 KettleBell (KBC)Level 1國際壺鈴教練證照 Thump Boxing澳洲拳擊體適能證照 Radical-Top Ride飛輪教練國際證照 CrossFit LV1國際一級指導員證照 ASNP應用運動營養學研習證書 PSOAS腰大肌策略與應用國際研習證書 BLACK ROLL滾筒筋膜放鬆研習證書 運動傷害防護與體能恢復研習證書 中華名國游泳救生協會救生員證 中華民國紅十字會CPR+AED急救證照 經歷 國軍-體適能健測官 國軍-體能幹部119期訓練班