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strength ⭐⭐⭐ 🌵 No equipment 🌵 Suitable for age groups 🌵Burning fat / Sculpting body curves / Practicing Sichuan abdominal muscles Zumba® aerobic dance course, the class is full of very nice music, allowing you to sway your body with the music, combined with the fast dance steps of various Latin dances, Various dance styles like Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, Reggaeton, Mambo, Hip-Hop...etc. Zumba® is a dance form that will make you feel powerful! Hurry up and join Mr. Luke's Zumba class to dance happily together! You can meet new friends through Zumba! Gain full confidence!
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哈嚕大家好 我是Luke, 期待在線上與各位相遇! 每週二 下午 4:45-5:45 Strong Nation 體能訓練課程 每週五 下午 2:10-3:10 Zumba 舞蹈課程 ———————————————— Luke • Official Zumba Instructor, 2018 • Strong Nation Instructor, 2019 • AFAA Fitness Dance Instructor, 2019 • 美國瑜珈聯盟200hr 認證師資, 2020 • Inside Flow 內觀流瑜珈認證師資, 2021 • 台灣 Strong Nation課程推廣大使, 2022 • Adidas 簽約體適能教練, 2023 • 台灣 Zumba課程推廣大使, 2024