• sweating
  • pelvic adjustment
  • Improve soreness
  • #Improve coordination
  • #Increase activity
  • #relax/relieve tense muscles
  • #Improve physical function
  • #Improve flexibility/softness

Pelvic Alignment Yoga


Strength ⭐⭐ 🌈Yoga Mat / Yoga Brick 🌈Suitable for everyone / eliminate stress / stabilize emotions 🌈Strengthen core / sculpt gas / relax muscles / improve back pain Use the perspective of yoga to explore the mysteries of the body, awaken the muscles of the whole body through various postures, and use assistive devices to deepen or ease yoga movements, so that we can complete the practice of asanas in a safe and effective environment; Coupled with Anusara's unique themed spiritual guidance, you can also find spiritual comfort in the process of practicing, so as to help every student experience the beauty brought by yoga in the classroom, and achieve physical and mental health. The union of heart and soul. As long as you/you believe anything is possible
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Hi~我是Mario(小麥), 活力且熱血的瑜珈老師, 可能跟你們以往認識的瑜珈老師有點不一樣, 我很少複誦梵文, 也不太會教你冥想; 我喜歡透過正位的方法是去了解身體的運作,配合解剖的角度去分析每一個體式的含義、用途, 加上Anusara特有的心靈引導, 幫助我們在練習中找到方向, 讓身、心、靈可以合而為一。