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Full Body Muscle Circulation


Strength ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 👊Mainly freehand, can prepare dumbbells or water bottles 👊Suitable for intermediate athletes 👊Enhance muscle endurance / average exercise for whole body muscle group / increase body basal metabolism Guide you through a full-body strength training session with lightweight equipment! This class will aim at whole-body training, to accelerate the body's metabolism, consume calories, help burn fat, firm and loose fat, sculpt body lines and maintain a healthy body. The improvement of muscular endurance can also protect various parts of the body, in addition to improving athletic ability, coordination and balance, and avoiding injuries caused by improper movements. The training divides the whole body into upper limbs, core and lower limbs, selects 3 to 5 training items for each part, and operates continuously in a non-segmented manner. A total of 7 to 15 training items are used repeatedly to achieve the training goal. Course content: Squat left lunge right lunge side lunge Plank Left Side plank right side planke Lower abdomen leg lift upper abdominal crunch Russian Swivel
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