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Supported Models

Supports Apple Watch series 3, 4, 5, 6, SE with WatchOS 6 and above.
Please visit Apple’s official website for purchase.
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Watch App Settings

Step 1

Open the Watch app for setup.
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Step 2

Find and tap on the Wondercise app.
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Step 3

Allow the Wondercise app to show on Apple Watch.
Wondercise App Settings

Step 4

Open the Wondercise app, tap “Set up now” to begin pairing your Apple Watch.
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Step 5

Sync Apple Health Data with the Wondercise app.
*If already in sync, skip to step 6.
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步驟 6

Tap “Start Now” to start training with your Apple Watch.
*A notification will appear to notify the device has been paired.
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