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A Tracker Band with "Score"

Makes each movement trackable and accountable. Only by seeing the scores can we challenge ourselves to improve!

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Hundreds of training courses for unlimited streaming

The Wondercise APP has hundreds of videos with all kinds of popular training courses. New videos are added every week to create your intelligent exercise lifestyle.

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Real-time movement comparison and analysis

Wondercise Tracker Band has the world's first training tracking system that can analyze and compare your movements with the trainer in real time.

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Anywhere can be your gym

No more time and space limits. There's no need to worry about the weather, pollution and viruses that may affect your training.

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Less than 30 cents each day for unlimited streaming

Holy moly, a crazy deal. Getting a personal trainer is that easy.

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The results in 8 weeks are astonishing!

All changes start from the moment you made the decision!

Alice H.

-35 lb in 3 months

Taking care of my three kids used up most of my time. Thanks to Wondercise, I can use little time to work out, and get my figure back!

Carols P.

-4 inches waistline in 8 weeks

I used to think that losing weight is about not eating, but it gained me weight instead. Wondercise helps me lose weight in a healthy way!

Ambra M.

-5% body fat in 1 month

I started using Wondercise to get rid of the baby weight. It helped me gain back a lot of confidence.

Michael M.

-18 lb in 2 month

I really felt my body change after using Wondercise. The effects are much more noticeable than I expected.

Sara E.

-22 lbs in 3 months, solve knee problem

My doctor told me I need to lose weight to reduce pressure on my knee. With Wondercise, I lost a lot of weight. It saved my knee!

David K.

-18 lb in 2 months

Losing weight was hard when I did it myself. But as I started using Wondercise and tried different courses, I found my passion in workout!

Don B.

-10% body fat in 1 month

After using Wondercise, I realized that I was working out in the wrong way which causes injury. The result of the right way is unbelievable!

Briana B.

-11 lbs in 1 month

I needed to lose weight to fit into my wedding dress. And I was able to do that because Wondercise helped me effectively and efficiently!

Ashley M.

From "Big Size" to flat belly in 3 months

I used to be a "big size" girl. It was hard to find clothes that I like in my size. But with Wondercise, I’m now a right fit for everything!

Maria R.

-15.7lb in 8 week

I never knew that staying healthy can be this easy. Ever since I started using Wondercise I've really felt a huge difference in motivation.

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Tracker Band
Wondercise Tracker Band
  • -Step count/jog/heart rate/sleep tracking
  • *We recommend to use it with the training courses for its best effect.
Training Courses
Wondercise Training Courses
  • -Free 14-day trial
  • -Unlimited streaming
  • -Credit card payment
Recommended Plan
Tracker Band + Training Courses
Wondercise Tracker Band + 1-year VIP membership
  • -See your exercise score
  • -See your training performance analysis / records
  • -Unlimited streaming of all courses and functions in the APP
  • -Enjoy the step count/jog/heart rate/sleep tracking functions

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